5 Step Staircase Build Process

Guaranteeing you Central Joinery quality

Building thousands of staircases a year, most bespoke, all unique - because no two pieces of timber are the same - means you need a robust process to design and manufacture every staircase if you are to achieve the highest standards.

Right first time because we take extra care

Whether you have us visit you on site to measure up, or it's a new build and everything is on CAD, you can be sure every detail will be scrutinised. It's amazing how many times we've picked up a seemingly innocent omission, only to discover something which, if left unresolved, would incur significant cost to put right later.

Expert care at every stage to guarantee the highest quality staircase

  1. The survey makes sure everything is considered to give you the best solution
  2. Designs to incorporate the highest degree of style, giving your staircase the 'WOW' factor.
  3. The manufacturing process combines the latest technology with skills and experience.
  4. Transportation, because it needs to arrive undamaged and be unloaded with care.
  5. Staircase fitting, because if you want us to take of the whole project we will.
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